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Rock Dove

Rock Dove

I have learned over the years that it is very important for us to listen to ourselves, our bodies and most importantly our souls. So, that we may allow ourselves a recharge of our inner batteries and come back fresh for the next challenge.

I was sitting in my living room and I knew I needed time away from it all, so I packed up my kit, climbed into my truck and drove out to the country. It would be a day for me alone, I was also hoping to harvest a pigeon or two for supper but my first objective was just to spend time in the woods.

When I got to my friends farm, I visited for a while and then unpacked my gear and headed down the ridge toward the south. Just as soon as I stepped over the electric fence I chose the first large boulder tucked away under a tree which offered some cool shade and sat down.

My back was arched forward, with my forearms resting on my thighs and both hands wrapped around my 12 gauge Winchester; I must have sat there for almost an hour without moving an inch, the bugs were buzzing around me, the sweat from my forehead and arms dripping on the cold steel, then onto the ground.

I sat there and looked around peacefully taking in the wilderness, cleared my thoughts, then said a short prayer and headed off down the hill to the creek. A cool breeze blew in and it felt incredible, I did not harvest my first pigeon until later in the afternoon but I went home feeling refreshed.

When I got back I cooked the pigeon in a pan with some vegetable oil and Montreal spices then shared it with my family.

This was perfect!


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