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The month of October is just a few days old now and the evenings are much cooler, the sun is also setting sooner. Late in the afternoon after work, I sometimes enjoy a nice drive, and with the bright fall colors in bloom, this drive was a real treat.

I chose to visit four of the best duck hunting boat launch sites and was on the lookout for waterfowl activity in preparation for my planned duck hunt in the upcoming days. It is without a doubt beautiful country indeed, each site had their very own long dirt road which cut through farmer fields and wetlands. The swamp grass and weeds were dark green with touches of a golden color and the water was very dark.

The sky was clear of rain but had a violet-blue color to it with bursts of pink which reflected off the clouds as the sun was setting, so I stopped the truck and put it into park, then opened the door and stood up on the truck foot rail and placed my right elbow on the roof. I was wedged at the opening of the driver side door where the door hinges were and then brought up my binoculars to have a better look from the southeast all the way down the river to the southwest.

Within minutes a flock of thirty geese flew right over me and then some ducks and blackbirds flew in along the river from the north-east heading west. An acquaintance of mine who has spent well over forty years in the woods and farming country told me once that if you are hunting and you do not necessarily harvest but you see animals this is a good start.

Once I got my fill of ducks and Canada geese for the night, I turned the truck around and started my way down the dirt road going north and then all of a sudden to the east near the tree line I spotted three very large deer feeding in the open and only forty feet away from them was a group of twenty eastern wild turkey, moving southerly toward the wetlands.

Well it was now time to head for home but not without seeing a little more wildlife, I finished off the drive with a cottontail sitting on the edge of the road. My fall hunting season started just a few weeks ago but these sightings are a sure sign that I am on the right path towards having a great season.

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