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Last Sunday I took a long drive heading north toward one of my favorite hunting grounds, and on this particular day I was aiming for woodchucks, pigeons and crows. But I also thought to myself it wouldn’t hurt to complete a scouting trip in the wetlands just bordering the southern fields of the farm, especially with the waterfowl season opening in just a few days. I brought my canoe along with me but I was pretty sure, I wasn’t going to be using it.

This year I am super excited about the upcoming waterfowl season which generally opens on the 21st of September in my zone. Just like an old movie wheel, I keep on playing images in my mind of ducks bursting into flight right in front of me or breaking their wings coming in for a landing.

I have already purchased all my ammunition and have gone through my kit about twenty times and I believe now I am ready. My ammunition of choice this year is going to be the Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed steel, #3 shot, and 2 3/4 length. It worked very well for me during last year’s season, when I had my longest shot and harvest. Last week I got my Quebec resident permit for small game, which comes up to 19 Canadian dollars, every year it goes up and two weeks before this I purchased my waterfowl permit and stamp at the post office downtown.

When I arrived at the farm, the owner had already gone to work, so I unloaded my kit and got ready for small game hunting. I used my Bushnell binoculars and checked out the landscape for any movement and started my way south to the wetlands.

The cattle were scattered all over the northern field, so I had to either go through or around them and with a two thousand pound bull staring me down, I decided to hug the tree line and the creek then cross over to the south once I finished my walkabout. The bull and I kept eye contact the whole time, he is a big boy but he wasn’t going to prevent me from getting to the southern fields.

Once I crossed the creek, I made my way to the southwest toward the tall grass and the few trees that stood by the water, staying in the low ground. The whole time I was checking out the rock formation on my left for woodchucks. The crows were nowhere near me, they are much smarter and call out when I am around, additionally they tend to fly in a box formation around me and avoid me all together; it is actually quite neat because they stay exactly out of shooting range of a shotgun. I suppose you could say they recognize me by now and I am pretty sure they do.

I slowed my walking pace right down as I was only twenty yards from the beaver lodge and on a log right next to its opening there were two common mergansers, this is a good sign and very promising for the season. I took, two more steps and a mallard hen exploded into the air in front of me heading north, I took ten more steps and two more mallards burst into the flight on my left heading southwest.

This went on for about ten minutes, every time I took a few steps I had ducks bursting into flight. Four even circled back right over top and I swore I could have reached out and grabbed them with my hands. The majority were mallards.

I had a huge smile on my face and the sight of the ducks flying around me was just incredibly beautiful; in the end I counted thirty ducks. Bonanza! I went home without a pigeon or crow but I was one happy outdoorsman.


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