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The mornings are much cooler now around here and many people do not want to see the summer go; the majority still wished they could keep their bathing suits and the BBQ’s on just a while longer.

Mother Nature however has her usual scheduled plan and unfortunately colder weather is part of the package, but let us not forget that with this also come the beautiful fall colors, if this is of any consolation.

Now, tucked away in every community throughout north-America there is a very interesting breed of people, the waterfowlers and with smiles from ear to ear, they on the other hand welcome the month of September and its cold weather. The waterfowl season is about to start!

Our northern environment without a doubt provides us with some of the most spectacular scenery and with this comes an opportunity for family, friends and fellow sportsman/woman to practice the sport they love.

Below, I have added the link to Environment Canada webpage: Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations, 2011-2012 – Summaries.


On the main page you can click and choose your province or territory in the menu bar found on the left hand side of the page then you can consult the following information: Summary, Helpful Tip, Open Seasons in Quebec, Hunting Districts, Bag and Possession Limits in Quebec, Measures in Quebec Concerning Overabundant Species, Report Your Migratory Bird Bands. (Mine is Quebec, but yours will list the information for your selected choice)

So head on down to your local Post office, purchase your permit and have a safe and great season.

Report Your Migratory Bird Bands
Call 1-800-327-BAND (2263) or go to: www.reportband.gov

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