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My pyrography tribute to Philip R Goodwin

My pyrography tribute to Philip R Goodwin

I often wonder what it is about Philip R Goodwin’s outdoor art which captivates me so. Why do I love his work so much or the work of many artists like him? Carl Rungius is another who even taught Philip how to fine tune his hunting skills.

When I see the men in his paintings, why do a feel such a strong connection with them?

It is like I can feel the cold in the waters of the rapids on my hands as they dip their cast iron skillet into the freezing water near the campfire. I can feel the itch on the back of my neck from the wool shirt collar. It is nature in its purest of forms, wild life in every sense of the word.

Cougars, bears and mountain ranges which provide the vast space for your spirit to rise high into the snow-covered tops and your imagination to run wild through the dense evergreen forests and down to the winding creeks.

As a person, you may live in today’s world but at night while you lie in bed waiting for sleep, you can stare into his art hanging on your wall and allow yourself to drift away in that far away place, surrounded by a mysterious and infectious force.

The huntsman in his element, the dark forest which contains life that is more spectacular than you can imagine.

I find peace in the woods, I find calm in the woods, I feel strength in the woods. I understand why men like Philip R Goodwin traveled into those far places and so graciously shared through his paintings the hidden shadows behind a rock and the hidden world of our wonderful wild life and the men who dared to venture into the raw wilderness of North-America.

I am proud of being an outdoors-man, and when I stand in the woods, I feel an energy pulling me deeper into its core.

The other night while sitting on the edge of the woods, I closed my eyes and listened to its sounds and I heard the beating wings of a wild turkey followed by a couple of yelp calls.

I heard it and that was mine to savor.

Now I understand why I love his work.

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