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When I thought of the good pair of boots for the sport, I first made a list of my requirements. The price for sure, the fit, the color, its durability, the warmth, the height of the boot; waterproof or not and also, I wanted to know if I must put them on site or could I drive with them?  I wished for them to be very light and also offer great ankle support and if possible without laces, which is not always practical during the cold winter days.

So, my adventure began, I purchased a very expensive pair of SWAT team style boots and within a few weeks, the sole detached at the front and once the water got in the leather began to break down and the boots were no longer usable. The laces were also replaced several times throughout my hunts. Also just in case you asked, yes the boots were treated with an expensive product which did not work. I have used several leather army boots acquired through surplus stores and although they look fantastic with their Vibram soles, however they were only good for dry terrain, I also used GORE-TEX socks. A few winters ago, I purchased inexpensive NAT’s boots which came with only one repair kit, within two years; I had punctured them while walking on rough terrain with jagged rocks and sharp branches. They were incredibly light and the price was right but they unfortunately did not survive my punishment. I also found them extremely wide and it was difficult to drive when going from one hunting spot to another.  The warmth was acceptable but my toes still froze while in the tree stand last fall and during the winter snow kept on getting into the upper part of the boot and my socks were soaked several times. A friend of mine suggested Canadian Mukluks’ boots, but I have used them in the past in the winter and I found my feet sweat quickly during heavy walking or snowshoeing with the inner liner and the outer part gets wet and freezes up. One advantage with Mukluks is that snow does not get in around the top part of the boot.

I have tried about five different pairs of boots and none of them have been able to deliver for my hunting style, which is hunting all year round, in all seasons in extremely tough terrain. My boots of choice right now are and the pair I love the most that I inherited from my grand-father, which is your very basic rubber garden boots and depending on the weather, I just add layers of wool socks.

Until I find the perfect pair of boots, I will continue live by the principles of a farming friend of mine, every year he buys himself a new pair of insulated rubber green or black boots. I have seen Le Chameau boots and also the RUT MASTER from Irish setter and similar styled boots, I am very impressed.

Until my next purchase, I will keep on walking and doing research.

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